Left Door, Right Door

By Gar Michaels

Hmm, this one’s an “eye-opener.” The below article about Secretary Hillary Clinton is really worth a read. It’s a bit lengthy — kinda’ like my stuff, sound familiar — but please take a look.


The author, a young black woman, writes a compelling article about Secretary Clinton’s relationship to major Super PACs contributing huge funds to her campaign through the “left door,” while slamming, disparaging and demeaning the black community through the “right door.”

This article brings to mind questions I have about Secretary Clinton’s integrity, loyalty, commitment, honesty and allegiance to what she says about “equal rights” and the persistent disproportionate numbers of incarcerated black men and women.

Some thoughts…

  1. The United States education system contributes very little emotional and self-confidence building support to our minority students because of continued budget cutbacks. An even bigger contributing factor is the continually decreased numbers of two-parent families.
  2. The racial profiling of Blacks and Latinos is unsettling — they are three times more likely to be searched during a traffic stop than white motorists.
  3. Of students arrested, 70% are black and Latino youth. And 30% of the United States population include people of color, yet they represent 60% of those in prison. The total prison population of the U.S. is 2.3 million. Nearly 1 million of those people are black.
  4. Racial discrimination is alive and well. One in three young adults arrested for drugs are black even though numerous studies have shown that people of color are no more likely to use or sell illegal drugs than white people.
  5. Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong, a black musician and one of the most influential figures in jazz music made famous the 1967 song, “What a Wonderful World.”The song is about hope and a bright future for our newborn children. Yet, a black baby born today has a three out of ten chance of spending time in prison at some point in his or her life.
  6. There are more black men incarcerated in the United States than the total prison populations in India, Argentina, Canada, Lebanon, Japan, Germany, Finland, Israel, and England combined!
  7. Career government administrators make the decisions about the amount of taxes we pay and how they are allocated. Of the taxes paid from the middle class, a whopping 8% and 4% for California and nationwide respectively, go to pay for our broken prison system and for the prison population at large. Not to mention, our prison population has grown 700% over the last 30 years, while state spending for education has fallen to its lowest level in 30 years.

All this to say, for Senator Bernie Sanders to have a shot at grabbing theDdemocratic nomination for President of the United States of America, he must win over the hearts and minds of the Black and Latino populations. Black and Latino voters represent 26% and 10% respectively of total Democratic voters, approximately one out of three.

Note: In the general election, I have little doubt that a Sanders versus Trump election will result in a Democratic victory over the xenophobic Trump — indeed, the good people of our country will trump Trump!

For the Democratic nomination, however, it’s a different story. Senator Sanders must win over the registered Black and Latino Democrats to get the nomination. Otherwise, I believe, it will go to Secretary Hillary Clinton.

Peace, Grace, Love, and Namasgar,