“Pacific Serenity”

It’s a fresh, clear, sunny and hot Southern California day, 85 degrees in mid-winter. Meanwhile, New Hampshire is 26 degrees on primary day. I can see for just over 121,000 square miles, 45 to the south of me (left side of the photo), 45 to the north of me (right side of the photo) and 60 miles straight out ahead of me — the stunning west.

Sometimes, I miss those cold, east coast wintry days, growing up and missing school if the snow drifts were deep enough. I would stay home with my friends for sledding and snow ball fights.

But this view ain’t so bad either…

“I love the big, the deep, the beautiful, the blue, the calm, the serene Pacific Sea,

oh Lord, I be so blessed,

how may I be so happy,

through the beauty, the serenity, emanating from the big blue Pacific Sea,

to touch thee, feel thee, even smell thee,

so that I now see thee,

whenever, I am in the company of the deep, and auspicious, big blue Pacific Serenity,

right here where I be, right here from my balcony.

Help us to keep consciousness high,

our beaches clean,

care for our fishes below and birds in the sky.

I live and love the blue Pacific Sea,

and won’t you help me,

to keep it free…from toxicity.”