“Every Breath I Take”

So, I’m different from you? So what?

“Diversity” is the spice of life. We’re supposed to be different from another. We are all unique in our own right.

Whether you are a Creationist (one who believes in a literal translation of the Bible) or an Evolutionist (those who believe in Darwin’s evolution/survival of the fittest theory), there should be no disagreement in either camp about the differences between all human beings.

I am who I am and I am proud of it! As long as I’m not hurting you or anyone else, please treat me as your equal. Mutual respect is expected and deserved.

On that note, “ableism” is the “invisible discrimination that afflicts, incredibly, more than 1 out of 10 Americans today. That’s 25 million beautiful souls!

It is a form of social prejudice, this discrimination against our brothers and sisters afflicted with mental and physical disabilities.

In our society, we are taught from a young age, that the “able-bodied” are the norm, and that people with disabilities must strive to become that norm or they are doomed to be marginalized, stigmatized, and separated from the rest — forced to keep their distance from the “able-bodied” people.

Do you know anyone who has a mental disability? Perhaps a child diagnosed with bipolar disorder, or ADHD? Or a child with a physical disability? Often they do not get to experience a normal, peer-supportive childhood like the “cool boys and girls.” What kind of environment is this like for a little boy or girl as they grow into an adult? Likely not fun for some and for most, a living hell.

Are the child’s parents and school professionals engaged and trained on how to handle these kinds of situations for these children? For their child who comes home in tears because of being excluded for just being him or herself? How is this still going on in 2016?

How can they help that child have a “normal” childhood like the other classmates, those that are not mentally or physically challenged? Or perhaps are those “cool kids” really the ones who are mentally disabled because of a lack of love and enlightenment? Are they not taught that diversity is what’s great about America, both in their homes and at school, from their parents or guardians?

Currently, children in the United States (and the world) are taught that a disability is an error, a mistake and a failing rather than a simple consequence of human diversity akin to race, religion, sexual orientation and gender. It is something beautiful!

The story of life and its bountiful beauty starts and ends for all creatures in the same moments. It begins from the second we are born to our mothers, taking our first breath, and ends when we take our last. Life should be equally beautiful for everyone.



If you are still having difficulty absorbing the content above, please take one more step and click the video below. Watch for just two minutes and vow not to be a part of the senseless discrimination, harassment and bullying of innocent kids just because they were born different from you and me.



“Every breath I take, every move we make, every bond I break, every step we take, he’ll be watching you.

Every single day, every game we play, every night you stay, I’ll be watching over you…forever.

Oh, can’t you see that we are all just one universal family.

How my poor heart aches for you, with every step you take, every breath you take, every challenging move you make,

Every breath you take, every move you make,

I’ll keep on, for always and always, loving you!”

(Words and music by Sting and slightly modified by GM)