“All By Myself”

“Bad fortune has good fortune hiding within it. And good fortune is what bad fortune hides in.” – Tao, Verse 58.

“All by myself, I don’t want to be all by myself, anymore…when I was young, I thought I never needed, anyone. I don’t want to be all by myself, anymore!” – Rachmaninoff, Eric Carmen

Recent estimates conclude that there are as many as 45,000 men and women sitting in our prisons, nationwide with sentences ranging from five years all the way up to a LIFE sentence without the possibility of parole who are INNOCENT!

I know this FIRSTHAND, from talking with many of them myself, face to face!

This injustice is also costing taxpayers millions of dollars to maintain this idiocy, ruining hundreds of thousands of lives! Moms, dads, sisters, brothers, best friends and more, all innocent lives depleting one of our finest resources — our young people!

And incredibly, 70% of prisoners are of Black, Latino and Asian descent, from poor, underprivileged and broken families, often with no father figure growing up during their formative years.

Note: Blacks, Latinos and Asians represent just 32% of the entire United States population.

Do you think something is wrong with the math here?

Peace and Love,


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